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22nd Jun 2022

The Transformative Power of Sticking To Your Values with Regina Trillo of Nemi Snacks

What if sticking to your values (and not conforming to the industry norm) actually helped your brand pave its own way in a highly competitive industry packed full of heritage brands?

Today, we're chatting with the thoughtful, brilliant, and provocative changemaker from Nemi Snacks, Regina Trello. Surprisingly, Regina got her career start as a lawyer before creating her own snack foods on the side. While her first product didn't work out, she was determined to create something delicious and healthy that also celebrated her Mexican heritage.

What stays true to Regina throughout her journey with Nemi Snacks is her ability to put her values at the forefront of the company. From vendor negotiations to branding, she's made sure that her mission is threaded throughout every element of the brand.

Regina is a true advocate for self-care and self-nourishment which is such a pleasant departure from the rampant hustle culture that exists in the startup world. She is a true leader and an incredible inspiration for any woman who wants to start their own brand!

What you'll learn:

  1. Why Regina moved from Mexico City to Chicago
  2. How Regina made the pivot from immigration law to her startup
  3. Why understanding your values can help guide your trajectory
  4. How Regina learned about CPG - without coming from a CPG background
  5. The first snack idea Regina had, and why it didn’t work out
  6. The conversation Regina had with the manufacturer - and how she set expectations for her ingredients
  7. Why Nemi has a vendor compliance questionnaire
  8. What Nemi means in the Aztec language
  9. The flip side of being a startup in the midst of major CPG companies on the shelves
  10. Why operating a business can be more challenging than starting a business
  11. The beauty of Nemi’s nutrition profile for snacking

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