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20th Jul 2022

The Key to Building a Kickass Community in 2022 with Grace Blacksea of Quench Collective

Community: it's so hot right now. But are brands and entrepreneurs really building community in a sustainable, thoughtful way that actually nurtures and satisfies members?

Today, we're catching up with Grace Blacksea, a community founder who helps modern leaders connect and learn from one another. After feeling burned out and confused in the corporate world, Grace set out to build something AMAZING.

Quench Collective is the ultimate values-driven community where founders can be vulnerable, honest, and open. Grace manages this community as well as the brand's Instagram to make sure that every single member has a five-star experience.

But what does it really take to build a thriving, incredible community in 2022? And how has community evolved over the last few years? We dive into all of that and more in today's amazing episode with Grace!

What you'll learn:

  1. The motivation for Grace to create a community - the real tipping point
  2. Why we (brands included) need to start focusing on we vs. me
  3. What motivated Grace to leave her corporate career for good
  4. Why you can’t talk about your values without vulnerability
  5. What Grace’s day-to-day looks like as the founder of Quench Collective
  6. The conversation Regina had with the manufacturer - and how she set expectations for her ingredients
  7. The trending topics within Quench Collective right now
  8. Examples of brands who are doing community right
  9. The secret ingredient to a successful community
  10. Different types of community, and how to think about community outside of the confines of a dedicated space
  11. Grace’s timely and thoughtful advice for entrepreneurs

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