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10th Mar 2021

Putting Kindness to Work with Chief Kindness Advisor Cole Baker-Bagwell

Cole Baker-Bagwell has a mission to make the world a little more kind and to show that it is not only an extra cherry on top of a sundae at work but actually the foundation of what makes a company productive and effective. Cole is a Chief Experience Architect and host of the Kindness Think Tank podcast. She embraces her inner Kindness Nerd and joins Sam to talk about how we can be more thoughtful in our interactions, three practical ways we can be kinder today, and how we can still foster connection while still working from home.

What You Will Discover This Week:

  • Brands and companies that modify their culture to be more kind achieve bigger results.
  • Kindness is still very much a work in progress in Corporate America. We have forgotten that outcomes are created by human beings.
  • Honoring yourself and what you need is a form of kindness.
  • Turn on that Zoom camera every now and then! Making eye contact and seeing each other in human form is very important, even if it’s virtual for now.
  • Cole took her experience in sales and strategy and used it as a cornerstone to show that no matter what you are doing in business, it’s always about people and building authentic two-way relationships.
  • We are all born to be compassionate, collaborative, and generous. We can be emotionally intelligent but not kind, and often it’s just about making space for ourselves or for others to pause a moment and choose kindness.
  • Kindness leads to trust, which brings more collaboration and more productivity.
  • The three practical ways to be more kind that will also help you cultivate self-awareness.


Cole Baker-Bagwell: Website | @kindnessthinktank | LinkedIn | Kindness Think Tank

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