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17th Feb 2021

Creating Happier Relationships and Stronger Connections with Jordan Scott of Cobble

Jordan Scott, Founder of the Cobble and IDK Tonight apps, joins the show this week. Jordan is a visionary and entrepreneur, and she uses her experience to both encourage others and educate them on how much work it really takes to launch an app. Jordan shares how she saw the need for a service that helped couples plan experiences, lessen indecision, and provide an answer to that age-old question, “I don’t know, what do you want to do?”

Sam and Jordan also talk about how Cobble has successfully pivoted during the pandemic, how they are growing and widening their audience, and the integration between both the Cobble and IDK Tonight apps.

What You Will Discover This Week:

  • What Jordan’s experience was like leaving the corporate world to become an entrepreneur.
  • Her advice for people wanting to start and launch an app. Jordan is very open about what worked and didn’t work for her, so others could learn both from her successes and challenges.
  • More about her first company, IDK Tonight, and how it provided a solution for couples in the New York area who needed ideas for keeping their dates fun and fresh.
  • How Jordan and her teams have pivoted during the pandemic to add virtual events and at-home ideas, also while expanding the outdoor dining options.
  • A little more about how Cobble works and has the same mechanisms as a dating site, just with the swipes leading to activities and ideas rather than people!
  • Soon you will be able to Cobble with your friends and family, not just romantic partners.
  • The importance of taking a break. Don’t underestimate the power of a 20-minute nap!
  • The biggest challenges Jordan has overcome while developing and launching both apps.
  • Don’t be intimated! If other people can build an app, so can you! Just get ready for some hard work.



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