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24th Feb 2021

Why It's Critical to Invest in Your Mission & Branding with Sandra Velasquez of Nopalera

Sandra, the founder and CEO of Nopalera, had a mission to make a bath and beauty product that celebrated the Latin culture and displayed the colorful and rich nature of Mexico. She is a true success story, now in 50 stores and a family of Instagram followers and devoted beauty users. She joins Sam this week to talk about why the Nopal cactus is of great use for beauty, how she came up with the idea for a Nopal based bath and beauty brand, and the importance of using your branding and marketing to convey a story of what the brand is and who exactly it’s for.

What You Will Discover This Week:

  • Why Sandra decided to build Nopalera to pay homage to her heritage and celebrate the Latin culture. 
  • Tips for people looking to start and build a brand in the bath and beauty space. 
  • The Nopal Cactus is a cultural symbol great for multiple uses and is very sustainable and cleansing. 
  • It wasn’t always Sandra’s plan to be an entrepreneur! She has a background in music and has toured the world playing. 
  • The people that helped out with the beautiful packaging and photography. 
  • How Sandra enrolled in a botanical school to get into a place where she was truly educated about what is (and isn’t!) in her Mexican botanical line. 
  • What Sandra has learned since launching on November 2, 2020. 
  • When you launch a brand, you must really understand your margins and the math behind your sales. 


Nopalera: Instagram | Website | Beauty Independent Article 

Formula Botanica 

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