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4th May 2022

How Listening To Your Intuition Can Change Your Life with Danielle Rushton of Wherewithal

What if your intuition was guiding you toward a game-changing product idea? Would you listen to what everybody else was saying you should do with your career - or would you tap into your gut feeling?

Today, we're chatting with the thoughtful, provocative, and bold founder of Wherewithal, Danielle Rushton. Danielle was a tomboy growing up, but always had a challenge finding a strapless bra that fit properly (hello - don't we all?)

Fast forward to her career in the corporate world, where she still wasn't feeling fulfilled day-to-day. Danielle decided to listen to the voice inside her head, buy a sewing machine, and start crafting a solution to the problem that so many women face.

In this episode, you'll learn how Danielle stayed resilient among different feedback from family and friends, how she's built a brand that challenges traditional strapless bras, and why Wherewithal is meant to be a household name.

What you'll learn:

  1. What Danielle really wanted to be when she grew up
  2. Why she felt like she had a “dissociation” with her boobs - and why it was so harmful
  3. Why Danielle decided to buy a sewing machine
  4. How the universe rewards you when you start to go after your purpose
  5. Where Danielle started learning how to make garments
  6. Why it was important for Danielle to start a company for her - and not anyone else
  7. How Danielle left her corporate career
  8. How she's taking on the bra industry and carving out a new category
  9. What makes Wherewithal a different kind of bra
  10. Why this industry was ripe for disruption

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