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18th May 2022

Getting on Shark Tank and Disrupting the Sparkling Water Industry with Maddie Voge of Aura Bora

What if you launched a brand in a highly competitive category right before the pandemic hit? And beyond that - what if you built so much momentum that you had the opportunity to go on a major network TV show DURING the pandemic?

Today, we're chatting with the vibrant, charismatic, and creative co-founder of Aura Bora, Maddie Voge. Maddie started Aura Bora with her husband Paul in 2019 after realizing that the sparkling water industry had so much more room for FUN. Between bright branding, delicious taste combinations, and a close-knit community, Maddie and Paul have built a brand unlike anything else in the space.

From going on Shark Tank to sustained growth post-show, Maddie also breaks down challenges the brand had to overcome in order to establish itself in the fast-paced CPG world.

Maddie has such valuable advice on what it's like being a female co-founder, what to do if your brand isn't working, and more. She is a pioneer in the CPG industry - yet anybody will find Maddie's perspective worth a listen!

What you'll learn:

  1. Why it’s so important to attend bigger trade shows (even if they’re intimidating)
  2. What Maddie and her husband Paul were doing before Aura Bora
  3. Why Maddie and Paul became obsessed with sparkling water
  4. How these founders were able to launch a brand within a year and a half
  5. How living in Denver helped the brand get its start
  6. How Aura Bora was able to make its first 1,000 cans
  7. How Maddie and Paul came up with Aura Bora's brand positioning
  8. How the opportunity to go on Shark Tank came about
  9. What happened to the brand after their Shark Tank episode aired
  10. What it’s like being a female founder as part of a founding duo
  11. What it will take for women to get more investment in the startup world

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